Save time by using your mobile phone !

 With the Hegobus smartphone app ‘MyBus – Pays Basque’, free to download to Android and iOS,
you can buy your electronic travel pass, called the M-ticket, directly on the app,

Once you’ve bought it, you can say goodbye to paper! Your M-ticket is downloaded onto your smartphone. All you have to do is scan the QR-Code when you get on the bus and show the driver your screen.

Isn’t that easy? Download it and won’t want to do without it ever again !

With the MyBus Pays Basque app, you can also, in real time :

• calculate your itinerary and timetable directly

• access all information about the network

No more tickets, no more waiting in the shop : MyBus is the essence of the paperless travel pass

MyBus gives you the timetables for the public transport routes in your area.

MyBus works out the shortest route for you to get to your destination.

MyBus updates itself in real time so you are kept informed of when the next buses on your route will arrive.

Passengers can communicate and warn each other of any disruption, report a problem and even find each other by geolocation.

Download free the MyBus Pays-Basque app